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"Getting my daughter on Mrs. Amber's list was the second thought I had after learning I had a new blessing in my belly. Knowing her as a person was enough for me to want my child at Mrs. Amber's while working. I had confidence in Mrs. Amber's before my daughter even attended, solely because she holds her Master's in Education and has had many years of experience."

"Mrs. Amber has been a great blessing to our family! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to become part of her family as well!"


"Amber Karasek has an 'Ivy League' quality program. I have been amazed at what all my grandson has learned over the months he has gone there. She has such fun ways of teaching. I also love how she keeps parents and grandparents informed through pictures and posts on her private FB groups. We are all able to enjoy the different activities they do each day."


"My daughter is showered with affection while being held to a high standard of excellence in her behavior. There has not been one day in two years she has not been excited to go to school. It means the world to me that she is cooked homemade meals, allowed to play, and be creative while learning the knowledge she needs to be successful in kindergarten."

"If you're looking for a pre-school option for you kiddo, I can't offer a higher recommendation. If you're not in East Bernard, it would still be worth the drive."


"Mrs. Amber has the gift of teaching young children, and she builds a strong relationship with each of them. Deuteronomy 6 tells us to 'talk about His word when you are home or away," and I feel thankful she is! There is no describing her. You have to experience the love yourself."

"Don't miss the chance to give your child something special. Time at Little won't regret it!"

"This school is so fun and engaging. I can't rave enough about it!"


"There is *nothing* more comforting than knowing your little is in THE BEST hands - AND learning about Jesus everyday. We love Mrs. Amber!"


"Mrs. Amber is amazing and we're so grateful for her and the way she shares Jesus with our kiddos!"


"I love that Amber teaches curriculum such as letters, numbers, and sight words, but she also teaches a Bible story and Bible songs each week."


"There is simply no where else I want my littles to be! Structure, Christian-based, one on one instruction and most of all, FUN . . . what more could we want?"


"We've spent four years together [with Mrs. Amber], and I can't wait for our little caboose to get there! I'm especially excited that she gets to start even earlier than my boys did!"


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From Our Little Arrows Parents

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