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Miss Destinee loves and teaches our youngest LACS family members. With her gentle spirit and creative flare, she keeps her class engaged in learning and fun all day. When not teaching, Destinee loves to craft and spend time with her family. 

We are definitely blessed to have Destinee join our LACS family this year!

Lead Teacher:

Babes in Christ



A Few of Destinee's Favorite Things. . . 

  • Scents: 

  • Colors: 

  • Foods: 

  • Restaurants: 

  • Shopping: 

  • Sonic Drink: 

  • Glory Bean: 

  • DQ Treat: 

  • Vincek's: 

  • Blue Bell Flavor: 

  • Hobbies: Crafting

  • Junk Food: 

  • Candy: 

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