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Ms. Rhonda comes to us with a strong knowledge of the Bible, and many years of experience working with children! As a retired teacher and librarian, she has the skills and tools to help our schoolers learn about God and His Words. Rhonda raised up her own children in East Bernard, and remains active in the community as a leader and grandparent! 

We are so excited to welcome Rhonda as a perfect part of our LACS family!

Lead Teacher:

After-School Program



A Few of Rhonda's Favorite Things. . . 

  • Scents: Lavender

  • Colors: Blue

  • Foods: Chocolate

  • Restaurants: Anywhere!

  • Sonic Drink: Diet Strawberry Limeade

  • Glory Bean: Coffee w/Cream

  • DQ Treat: Unsweet Ice Tea

  • Hobbies: Quilting

  • Junk Food: Trail Mix

  • Candy: Peanut M&Ms

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