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How can you invest in our children?

"If a man empties his purse into his head,

no man can take it away from him.

An INVESTMENT in knowledge

always pays the best interest."

Benjamin Franklin


Be The Hands & Feet

Preschool is a busy place, and it truly takes a committed community to keep it running efficiently. Consider helping our teachers and classrooms by offering up the most important resources: your time and energy! This is truly an opportunity to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus to our Kiddos! Here are some ways you can help:

  • Volunteer to read at Storytime on Tuesday mornings!

  • Offer up your God-given talents of building, cleaning, lawn work, gardening, arts, cooking, painting, etc. There is always a project to be done around our school!

  • Have a hidden talent to share? Volunteer to help with a special classroom project or assist in teaching one of our summer camps, such as Woodworking, Cooking, STEM, Arts/Crafts, or Sports!

  • Volunteer to help us with special events, such as Splashdays, Fun Fridays, Holiday Celebrations, and Classroom Parties!

(Per State Law, Background checks and the completion of some training may be required before working with or around our children. Please speak to the director about any of these specific service opportunities.)



We are always changing, dreaming, and improving things here at Little Arrows! Unfortunately we don't always have the man-power or funding to make all of our dreams become reality! If you would like to 
"Adopt-a-Project" by offering the funding or the man-power (or both) for one of the projects listed below, let us know!

Toddler Playground Mural

Designing & Painting a mural on the metal wall facing the Toddler Playground.

Skills Needed: Artistic, Professional Painting Abilities

Materials/Cost: Unknown

Playground Activities

Equipping our Back Driveway with Permanent Games & Activities (ex: Hopscotch, Four Square, Numbers & Letters, etc.)

Skills Needed: Professional Experience Painting Concrete

Materials/Cost: Unknown

Toddler Chalkboards

Building large, vertical chalkboard surfaces in our Toddler Playground

Skills Needed: Project Construction/Basic Building Knowledge

Materials: Hardiebacker Cement Board, chalk paint, treated plywood, wood for trim, exterior paint for trim, screws, wood glue


Equipping Classrooms

Our teachers are always seeking ways to keep activities fresh and exciting for our children! That means regularly rotating toys and restocking materials. If you would like to help us equip our classrooms, you can access our Amazon WishList at the link below and have items shipped directly to our classroom doors!

We also accept gently-used donations of certain toys and classroom materials! Just be sure to check with the director first to avoid cluttering the classrooms with redundant items!


Developing young minds and hearts can take a lot of resources! Without burdening our families with high tuition and enrollment costs, we are always looking for creative ways of fundraising! If you have a fun idea or if you know of a business that would be open to partnering with us in some way, please let us know!







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