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Artlantis Studio Shaders Pack Models Torrentl [WORK]

real trees are nicely detailed trees with high resolution texture maps. I also like that the vray shaders are setup double sided. I have purchased many good plant models over the years and I can honestly say that these are the best. I also consider it incredible advantage to be able to buy the growFX version (what I bought). Thank you VIZPARK.

Artlantis Studio Shaders Pack Models Torrentl

excellent product. the tree models have excellent detail. have not checked the materials in detail but a suggestion if the forest pack leaf materials could be set up with the forest color bitmap for extra variation, would make it really outstanding. that said the level of detail and the trees are really Outstanding. a must buy for everyone looking to up the level of reality in their renders.Works seamlessly with Forest pack. all in all well worth many times more than the money spent.

Excellent collection of 3d models of grass. We work a lot with forest pack and this collection has added a lot of realism in the work and also the forest pack preset makes the workflow even more simpler.All in all an excellent product. Keep up the good work. 350c69d7ab


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