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Floating Teacher

& Nutrition Manager



Ms. Valori is a graduate of Texas A&M and has a Bachelor's Degree in Visualization. While working free-lance, she has decided to also bless our babies part-time with her many talents, her time, and her youthful energy! She is an amazingly talented artist, and we hope to put her skills to good use!

Valori's long-term plan is to pursue a career in animation and to work as an independent artist on projects that truly bring her joy! Through her time working here at our school, Valori hopes to gain a new perspective through the viewpoints of our children. By learning to see "through a child's eyes", she knows that she can ultimately learn to make films that are more engaging and thought-provoking for all children! Inspired by companies such as Pixar, Laika, Dreamworks, Sony, and Glubli, Valori hopes to one day produce animated works that will help children discover and be so proud of their own creativity and imagination!

Valori comes from a large Czech family and is a native to East Bernard. She has one younger brother, a cat, and a cockatiel. She has a big heart, full of love and compassion towards both animals and children!

In between work projects, Valori loves to play tennis, read, and paint. Some of her top bucket list items are learning to snowboard & traveling, especially to New Zealand and Prage!

We are so blessed to have Valori as part of our Little Arrows Family!

A Few of Valori's Favorite Things. . . 

  • Scents: mint, citrus, cucumber

  • Colors: Sage Green, earthy tones

  • Foods: fruit!! & seafood

  • Restaurants: Hunan Gardens

  • Shopping: Target & Aldi

  • Sonic Drink: Strawberry Limeade

  • DQ Treat: Orea Blizzard

  • Vincek's: Ham & Pepper-Jack Koache

  • Blue Bell Flavor: Strawberry

  • Hobbies: Tennis, Reading, Painting

  • Junk Food: Carmalized Pecans

  • Candy: York Peppermint-Patty

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