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Babes/Toddlers in Christ



Blaire Gilbert (AKA Ms. Blaire) is a 2017 graduate of Needville High School who plans to work toward a degree in Early Childhood Education. For the past several years she has been working in the dental field, and although she has loved her time working with the patients there (especially the youth), she avidly wants to pursue a career now that highlights her passion of working with young children. Ms. Blaire has many years of experience in babysitting, and she knows without a doubt that working with children always brings her the most unmeasurable joy and laughter.

Blaire's maiden name is Bruce, and she was raised in a house full of girls with three sisters and two wonderful, loving parents. Blaire was recently married in October of 2020 to her loving husband, Blake Gilbert. They now reside in Needville together, very near to both sides of their family. She was born in Austin, TX but was raised in the Fort Bend County area. Blaire comes from a long line of very independent, talented, hard-working people, and she knows what it takes to succeed in life and in a career. She has always lived a very active lifestyle, and was known to play multiple sports at a time while growing up. She is now passionate about helping kids stay active, learning and developing skills to help them in the future. (Fun Fact: Blaire was a fantastic softball playing, developing her skills for 13+ years on several different teams, including the Needville HS Softball Team.) 

Blaire would say that her favorite things are watching sports, eating guacamole, and spending time with her family and closest friends. She also loves working out at the gym, and relaxing while watching her favorite show, Hawaii 5-0. A few of her top bucket-list items are to swim with sea-turtles, to revisit the Grand Cayman Islands, and to visit all of the islands in the Caribbean one day!

We are so excited and blessed to have Blaire as a part of our Little Arrows Family!

A Few of Blaire's Favorite Things. . . 

  • Scents: tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, fall scents

  • Plants: Succulents

  • Colors: yellow, orange, blue

  • Foods: Crawfish, guacamole, ranch

  • Restaurants: Chick-fil-a, Bayou Boys

  • Shopping: Hobby Lobby, Target, Boutiques

  • Sonic Drink: Arnold Palmer, Sweet Tea, Dr. Pepper

  • Glory Bean Drink: Any Cold Tea

  • DQ Treat: Tropical Lemonade twisty-misty slush

  • Vincek's: Baked Potato w/chopped beef - no cheese

  • Blue Bell Flavor: *allergic to milk

  • Hobbies: Being on the water, spending time w/friends & family

  • Junk Food: potato chips, French fries, cinnamon rolls, Dots Homestyle Pretzels

  • Candy: Sour Gummy Worms, M&Ms, Soft warm chocolate-chip cookies

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